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Save your marriage for less than what you spend going out to eat every week.

Imagine putting together a swing set for your children. Most of us don’t read instructions we look at the picture and go from there. If we don’t read the instruction manual, how would we know if we’re missing any tools to properly assemble the “set” if we aren’t carefully going step by step.


We get the swing set to look like the picture. But when the elements starts to hit or pressure is applied or our kids come  along we see just how shaky the set is. We notice it can’t handle the weight, temperament or the wind that it is being exposed to all because we left out one of the most important qualities to building this swing set: Properly reading the manual first.

Because of our lack of diligence our children are now getting hurt on the swing set we put together what we thought was with love, naively.

The same thing happens with our marriages. We put them together without reading the instruction manual. We go off our own interpretation on how „we“ think our marriage is supposed to be.


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