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What if you knew you didn’t need an expensive car or have to visit a monastery to be happy? What if you can actually access lasting unconditional happiness by being in the present moment?


Most people look for happiness in the wrong places. They think happiness is dependent on material wealth or it’s something that’s about to come in the future. The mind is clouded with so many anxious thoughts and negative emotions. It’s almost impossible to appreciate the beauty of the present moment and the little things that make life wonderful. By harnessing the power of the Now, you can actually find true happiness that can transcend all the external things of the world.

In Eliza Palmer’s new book, The Path to Happiness, she talks about looking for happiness in the present moment. The book is here to teach you that your happiness is not dependent on the external world. You don’t need to worry about the past or feel anxious about the future. All you need is the present moment. But what is a journey without obstacles?

There will be hurdles that will come as negative thoughts, opinions of others, and suffering. Palmer’s book will help you eliminate these through meditation rituals and thought pattern modification. As a result, you will become more focused in the present and it will become easier for you to appreciate the world around.


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